Years of experience and expertise

Creativity and innovation are the key cornerstones of our company. They distinguish from other companies in this sector. Although this up-and-coming company, which was founded in April 2013, is still quite new on the market, it benefits from the expertise and years of experience of its general manager, Christian Grabow. After completing his studies in physics at the University of Berlin, Christian Grabow, a qualified engineer and merchant, initially worked as an independent software developer in the areas of research and software support for university projects. In 1988, he founded this own engineering office, which focuses on network technology and the development of distributed systems. Since then, this talented businessman has succeeded in greatly extending his sphere of activity, and specialises not only in the development of hardware for marketing complete solutions in the field of commercial information technology, but also in creating successful merchandise planning and control systems, as well as solutions in the field of administrative software.