Fields of Application for the Software Robot

We rent out the software we have developed for individual stock trading and management to private and institutional investors for a fee, or sell it if requested to do so. Furthermore, we close contracts with brokers who offer the package’s advantages to their clients and thus have an enormous market advantage over their competitors.

In contrast to conventional asset management systems, the software robot developed by Innovative- allows investments from as little as $1,000. By lowering the starting threshold from the usual $100,000 to just $1,000, we have made this professional asset management system affordable for almost anybody. It can thus serve as an excellent alternative to life insurance, pension schemes and similar savings models for retirement provisions. After all, the international financial crisis is forcing more and more people to shop around for trustworthy options.

Another competitive advantage of the software is the above-average returns it offers, combined with limited risks – facts that make the system attractive not only to asset management companies and private individuals but also to investment funds and other institutional investors. Combined with a comprehensive training course, the software is also interesting for any serious private trader.