Intelligent Money Management

Because the system monitors the loss risk, any investor can use this innovative form of asset management to trade on the markets, or commission someone to trade on their behalf, without running the risk of suffering capital losses due to their own errors. Ultimately, the system always makes rational decisions, in contrast to human beings and – because it never gets “tired” – it is ever-present. It can, therefore, monitor several dozen markets at a time, 24 hours a day, five days a week and is programmed to trade only when actual trends develop on a stock exchange.

The client simply determines a percentage of the capital that is to be used as risk capital - 10%, for example. Once the software robot has generated this amount of capital – total capital would now be at 110% – the intelligent, non-linear and unique money management system ensures that the capital never falls below 100% plus a minimum return of, say 6 % p.a. Depending on the various phases markets go through, experience has shown that it can take some weeks or months for this process to start.

Once the starting phase has been completed, the investment can be compared to a fixed interest investment in which the software robot offers the investor a chance of a considerably higher return with a limited risk. Should the actual return fall short of the specified minimum return, the system switches itself off in order to protect the trading capital. This and other features make the system competitive with fixed-interest investments and, because of the intrinsic short-term availability of capital, offer a lucrative alternative to fixed-term deposits and other savings models.