Software Robot for Asset Management

We are currently developing asset management software that can be implemented in an independent, automatic trading strategy for the stock exchange and whose profit-making component consists of an unusual and extremely innovative risk control. The computer software uses stock exchange data from indices such as the DAX, Dow Jones and Nikkei to generate “buy” and “sell” signals and realizes them directly on the stock exchange or via an external broker. The condition for this modus operandi is that the software is based on mathematical and statistical foundations and the evaluation of historical data through backtesting.

The scientific development of promising strategies and the further development of stock exchange trading software were already complete before the company was founded, with the result that currently has a large pool of very successful and trend-tracking solutions at its disposal. Hence, we have been able to integrate an automatic ordering system into the trading and management software which completely eliminates negative influences such as human error or delays and thus guarantees optimal system exploitation.

The “software robot” system functions entirely independently. The only manual entry required is a risk profile in the form of parameters. Thus, one of the core aspects of the philosophy behind the software is the implementation of an accepted risk that clearly limits the potential capital losses. 

S.ecure A.ction F.orce E.arning

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